the drawing shed

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hashtag #un_civil

Saturday 3 May 12 noon until 2pm

Exploring the [un]civil in contemporary society, Lloyd+Labern will work with a group of artists and writers to construct a score for a performative text work using Social Media Twitter for Neighbour : Stranger, a collaborative live art writing project.
Opening up a space in the commons of the ether, the work is a call and response that extends the enquiry beyond the physical space of the Gallery, where the collisions of experience, ideas and form can take place, and the poetry of this work hits the discomfort of the prosaic and bounces up into a mile high space. Screened in real time in Malt Bar in the Met Arts Centre, exhibition visitors and artists are invited to join us in the ether, or on the typewriters in response to the emerging conversation. Join us in the Sculpture Centre or the Malt Bar or from anywhere on Twitter in the ether with hashtag #un_civil 

Curated by:

Diana Hamilton/Tony Trehy

Commissioned by:

Bury Council

Ticket Prices:



Bury Sculpture Centre

Manchester Road


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